ОГЭ-3225 — Ответы


Задания 27-32


Have you heard of a Tadeus Bodnar? He is a ___FAMOUS___ Hungarian hairdresser. Not long ago he stopped using the ___TRADITIONAL___ scissors and comb. Now his instruments are axes, irons and vacuum cleaners. Now he is very ___SUCCESSFUL___ and happy because with his innovative techniques he can express himself better. He cuts hair in his shop in Budapest by chopping it with an axe. Then he styles the hair using a vacuum cleaner, or straightens it with an iron. It’s difficult to believe but the extravagant hairdresser is very popular. Many people find him very ___CREATIVE___. Every day there’s an ___ENDLESS___ line of people streaming to his shop. They wish to change their ___APPEARANCE___ and have a thrilling, new experience.



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