Задания 27-32


The Turners were not used to snow. The most they ever got in Birmingham was an inch or so each winter. Even that happened quite ___RARE___. The ___FUN___ thing was that a tiny bit of snow was enough to cancel school and even to close some businesses. One night, in March of 1993, something very ___EXCITE___ happened. Very cold air from Canada created the «Storm of the Century». When the Turner kids woke up on Saturday morning, there were 17 inches of ___WONDER___ snow as far as the eye could see. The Turners were in shock. They had no idea what to do. Though Mr. Turner was an experienced ___DRIVE___ he chose to leave his car in the garage. He wanted the whole family to stay at home but it was natural for the kids to ___AGREE___ with him. They put on the warmest clothes they had and ran outside to enjoy the snow.




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