ОГЭ-3178 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


It started as a normal Monday morning. My alarm clock woke ___ME___ up early in the morning. I had breakfast, brushed my teeth and ___RAN___ outside to catch the bus. At school I noticed that something was different. I came up to my friend Laura and asked her: “What’s going on? Why ___IS___ everyone so excited?” “Don’t you know?” she said. “All the teachers ___HAVE _LEFT___ for a conference. Only the head teacher and a few of the school staff are here. The senior students will be teaching us today. They are only two or three years ___OLDER___ than us. How can they possibly teach us?” However, she was wrong. Our substitute teacher, a student two grades above, was very serious. He said that he ___WOULD_EXPLAIN___ some French poetry to us. It was an unusual, but interesting French class. The poem ___WAS_WRITTEN___ on the board, our new teacher read it and then we discussed the poet’s message, choice of words and other poetical things. Probably because the teacher was almost the same age as us, we felt relaxed and spoke freely. He also told us several amusing ___STORIES___ about the poet and his time. When the class was almost over, our substitute teacher invited us to attend the next session of the school literary society. “I’m the Chairman of the society,” he added, “If you come, we ___WILL_HAVE___ a special welcome party for new members.”



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