ОГЭ-3174 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


It was a nice sunny day and mum decided to take us to the zoo. My younger sister, Wendy, was delighted. She enjoyed books and films about animals but she had never been to the zoo.

“How many animals live in the zoo? Can we give ___THEM___ some food? Are there any crocodiles? Who ___TAKES___ care of the lions?” my sister was very excited and asked a lot of questions. She kept talking all the time and ___DID_NOT_MIND___ that nobody was answering her questions.

When we ___ARRIVED___ at the zoo, it was midday. There ___WERE___ a lot of people everywhere. The territory of the zoo was large, and the animals ___WERE_KEPT___ in large enclosures that imitated their natural environment. When we went up to the enclosure that had a family of Indian elephants, they ___WERE_HAVING___ their lunch. They were focused on their food and didn’t pay much attention to the visitors. “They are the ___LARGEST___ animals I’ve ever seen” said Wendy in an impressed voice.  “I wish we ___COULD___ keep a baby elephant as a pet.”  Mum said nothing and we proceeded to the pool that had the seals and penguins.



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