ОГЭ-3173 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Mary’s birthday was on Saturday and she decided to arrange the party all by herself. At first, making a party to celebrate her ___FIFTEENTH___ birthday looked like an easy thing to do. But when Mary started planning the event, a lot of questions came up. And the main problem was that she ___DID_NOT_KNOW___ what to start with! Mary called her cousin Vicki and asked if she ___COULD___ help with the arrangements. Vicki was a year ___OLDER___ and more experienced in arranging parties. Vicki agreed and went to Mary’s house at once. When Vicki arrived, Mary ___WAS_DESIGNING___ a menu for the party. Vicki looked at the draft of the menu and ___TOLD___ Mary that her approach was totally wrong. “We shouldn’t start with the menu,” she said, “We should start with the list of guests and with the programme for the event. You ___HAVE_DECIDED___ who you want to invite to your party, haven’t you?”

“No,” answered Mary, “I haven’t.” It took the girls half an hour to make a list of guests. Each name ___WAS_WRITTEN___ carefully on glossy paper.  “It looks fine,” said Vicki, “But there are too many of ___THEM___. Don’t you think so?”



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