ОГЭ-3172 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


When my brother and I were small, our parents spent a lot of time with us. They believed that ___CHILDREN___ should learn something new every day and every hour. A weekend in our family meant that our parents ___WOKE___ us up even earlier than on weekdays. We had breakfast and set off to see some place of interest, or museum, or exhibition. Usually they ___DID_NOT_ASK___ us where we wanted to go. It was ___THEIR___ decision. One day they told us that we were going to visit a historical museum which was a good distance away from the city. The day ___WAS___ cold and gloomy. The sky ___WAS_COVERED___ with heavy dark clouds. But the weather didn’t make our parents change their plan. “Are you ready to go?” Dad asked. “Mum ___HAS_PACKED___ the sandwiches for us already. In case we get hungry and there’s no cafe nearby.” “And what will we do if it ___RAINS___?” my brother asked quietly. “Getting wet is not a problem,” Dad replied. “I’m sure you understand that visiting a museum is much ___BETTER___ for you than watching TV at home.” My brother and I sighed. The film we wanted to see so much was on TV on that very day. We looked at each other and decided that we needed a plan…



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