Задания 18-26


My mum calls me Snow White. It was my ___ONE___ nickname but it stuck to me forever. And it’s not because I love the fairy tale about the princess and the seven dwarfs. It’s because my skin is very sensitive and intolerant to the sun. Every time it is exposed to the sun’s rays, it ___GET___ red and swollen. I can’t really recognize ___I___ in the mirror.

Mum says that from my very early days I differed from all the other ___BABY___ around and needed special care. Whenever we went for a walk, she ___HAVE___ to apply sun protective lotion all over my face and the parts of the body that were not covered with clothes. I grew older but the situation didn’t get any ___GOOD___.

Until now I ___NOT/FIND___ a medicine to cure my strange illness. My skin problem is not a serious thing of course, but it doesn’t allow me to do everything I want. I wish I ___CAN___ sunbathe, windsurf and play beach volleyball with my friends. But all I can do is watch them from the shade. According to our family legend, it ___RAIN___ hard at the moment when I was born. Since that time, rainy days have always been my luckiest.




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