Задания 18-26


Jeff woke up late. The house was very quiet and Jeff ___UNDERSTAND___ that he was alone there. He got up and headed to the kitchen. There ___BE___ nobody in it but he felt the delicious aroma of fresh baking. A large bowl of doughnuts was on the table. It ___COVER___ with a white kitchen towel but Jeff could not resist it and pulled out a doughnut. When he was consuming his ___FIVE___ one, his grandmother appeared at the doorway. She ___WEAR___ light working trousers, a T-shirt, and an old straw hat. Jeff guessed that she had been working on ___SHE___ roses, in the front garden. “Fine, you ___WAKE___ up at last!” said Granny, “But why are you still undressed? Go and wash and get dressed immediately!” Jeff remembered that Granny had always been very strict about the morning routine. She never allowed her grandchildren to look untidy or avoid brushing their ___TOOTH___.   “Ok-ok, just a second,” laughed Jeff picking up another doughnut and retreating through the other door. “I ___COME___ back as soon as I am ready.”




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