Задания 18-26


A robot is a special kind of machine that follows the instructions coming from a computer. A robot ___NOT/MAKE___ mistakes and it never gets tired. Robots are all around ___WE___. Robots make cars, explore dangerous places, clean things, answer telephone calls. Some of them can even take care of ___CHILD___ and elderly people. If we didn’t have robots, our life ___BE___ less comfortable and more dangerous. According to the dictionary, the word ‘robot’ ___MEAN___ ‘compulsory labour’. The word ‘robot’ ___USE___ for the first time in a science fiction play in 1920. The robot from that play was a destructive machine that finally ___DESTROY___ the human race. However, in real life, robots are still obedient to people. As for robots, the most enthusiastic nation is the Japanese. By now they ___CREATE___ a quarter of the world’s robots. And they have very ambitious plans for the future. The Japanese engineers think that soon robots ___REPLACE___ 3,5 million workers in their country.




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