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Задания 18-26


Mike Fay is a famous biologist. He is well-known for his 2,000-mile walk across Africa. It ___TOOK___ him 455 days. His expedition started in 2001. It ___WAS_ORGANIZED___ to draw attention to the African forests. During his expedition Mike Fay made several films about the beauty of the forests. He said they were the ___MOST_WONDERFUL___ natural sights he had ever seen. His films ___WERE___ a success. Thanks to them the governments of several African countries agreed to create 13 national parks. Mike commented that 26,000 square kilometres of the forest were saved for the future and for our ___CHILDREN___. At the moment Mike works for the National Geographic. Recently he ___HAS_COMPLETED___ several projects for the magazine. His job involves lots of travelling, which is sometimes not very safe. Not long ago, Mike came face to face with an elephant which attacked ___HIM___. Mike was injured but luckily not seriously. But danger could never stop Mike.

“I wish everyone ___UNDERSTOOD___ that life is a very delicate thing.

If we go on in the same irresponsible way, we ___WILL_KILL___ all life on the planet, and ourselves too”.



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