Задания 18-26


I’m studying Italian in a summer school in Tuscany. I arrived a few days ago. It’s my ___ONE___ trip to Italy. I like this country very much though I ___NOT/SEE___ its main tourist attractions yet. Actually it was my mum’s idea to send me here. In her opinion Italy is the ___INTERESTING___ country in the world. And she also said that it ___HELP___ me improve my Italian in real-life communication. Yesterday, while I ___HAVE___ dinner in the cafeteria, four other students sat at the same table. We got acquainted. Two of them were Argentines, then a Russian and a Greek. A mix of cultures! We started chatting in Italian, laughing, telling jokes and sharing our life ___STORY___. It was lots of fun. I even started to speak Spanish with the Argentines, and our sentences became a mixture of both Italian and Spanish. But it did not matter at all! No problem. We easily ___UNDERSTAND___ each other. I wish all people ___SPEAK___ foreign languages. The more languages you know – the better. Languages help ___WE___ understand the culture and mentality of other people. And they help us make friends.




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