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Задания 18-26


When I was little, I loved reading books written by Roald Dahl. They were my favourite choice of bedtime story. When Mum asked me what book I wanted, I always ___CHOSE___ a book by Dahl. Mum readily agreed. She said she ___ENJOYED___ reading him too in spite of the fact that she was an adult and had a very serious job. In those years there ___WERE___ lots of Dahl’s books in our home library. Then, unfortunately, some of them disappeared but to me he is still the best children’s author of the ___TWENTIETH___ century. Roald Dahl started as an adult writer. His first book ___WAS_PUBLISHED___ in 1942. Later he began writing children’s books. Many of the ___STORIES___ are based on Dahl’s own childhood memories. Several of his books are now successful films, for example ‘Matilda’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’. I’m sure you ___HAVE_SEEN___ at least one of them! When you shop for children’s books, Dahl is the ___EASIEST___ choice. His books are entertaining and full of jokes. Roald Dahl is an author that you can never grow tired of. Now I read his books to my son. He is too small yet and cannot read ___HIMSELF___.



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