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Задания 18-26


I remember my uncle Thomas very well. My mum says I can’t because I was a little girl, only three at the time. But my memories of him are still very vivid. Uncle Thomas was a sailor. When he returned from his last trip, he brought several large ___BOXES___ with him. Inside there ___WERE___ bits of wood, metal, and painted cloth. “What is it for?” I asked my uncle. He ___GAVE___ me a broad smile and said: “Have your breakfast first and then come to the backyard. You ___WILL_SEE___ everything with your own eyes.” When I came to the backyard, Uncle Thomas ___WAS_READING___ an instruction manual. It took all his attention because the manual ___WAS_WRITTEN ___ in Spanish, a language my uncle didn’t know very well.  All in all, it took ___HIM___ a couple of weeks to assemble the object from the parts. To all my questions he said that it was a machine that ___COULD___ fly like a bird. I was probably the only one in the family who took his words seriously. They could never believe that soon we were going to see one of the ___FIRST___ airplane flights in the country.



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