Задания 18-26


Most people love jokes. A good joke can break the ice and make the conversation enjoyable. My friend’s hobby is collecting jokes. When he ___HEAR___ a good joke, he writes it down on a special card. The cards ___KEEP___ in a box in his room. When I visit ___HE___, I never miss a chance to read a joke from his collection. Yesterday’s joke was about famous detectives. Here it is.

One day Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went camping. They put up a tent, made a fire and had a good dinner of meat and ___POTATO___. That night, Holmes ___WAKE___ up and asked: «Watson, look up and tell me what you see.» Watson said that he ___SEE___ millions of stars. «And what does it tell you?» Holmes went on his interrogation.

«Well, if we apply our deductive method, we’ll come to several conclusions. Astronomically, there are billions of planets. My ___TWO___ conclusion is astrological – I observe Saturn in Leo. And, meteorologically, it’ll be a beautiful day tomorrow. I wish we ___HAVE___ this kind of weather more often in this country. And what does the sky tell you, Holmes?»

Holmes was silent for a moment and then said, «Someone ___STEAL___ our tent!»




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