ОГЭ-3152 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


The camel was very thirsty. His last drink had been weeks ago. His feet sank in the hot sand and he ___COULD___ hardly move. «When will I reach water?» he thought. «And I ___HAVE_NOT_EATEN___ for ages.» It was obvious that if the camel didn’t find any water and food soon, he ___WOULD_DIE___. He made a few steps toward another dune. It was ___EASIER___ to walk along the top of a hill, than along the bottom.  At last he ___SAW___ something green in the distance. Was it a mirage or an oasis? He hoped for the best and the hope helped ___HIM___ move faster. Soon, that distant green colour turned into real trees and grass. There ___WAS___ a small stream of water and some palm trees that gave shade. Their wide ___LEAVES___ could protect the camel from the sun’s rays. Though the sun ___WAS_SHINING___, it didn’t burn anymore. Unfortunately, it was impossible to stay there forever. A short rest and the camel had to move on towards his destination.



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