ОГЭ-3151 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Tom woke up relatively early. But he ___UNDERSTOOD___ at once that he was not the first awake. There was somebody in the kitchen already. Tom went out to inspect, and found that his dad was there – he ___WAS_CUTTING___ vegetables. It was rather strange – everyone knew that dad ___DID_NOT_LIKE___ cooking. “I wish I ___KNEW___ what you are doing,” he said. Dad gave ___HIM___ a smile and answered “Wait and see.” He pulled out a juicing machine from the cupboard. Nobody had used it for ages and the machine ___WAS_COVERED___ with a thin layer of dust. Tom’s dad washed it and turned it on. Then he put a handful of carrots inside. Next he added cucumbers and ___TOMATOES___. Dad made three large cups of the stuff. He took one and drank it. He handed the ___SECOND___ cup to Tom. To his surprise the juice tasted really good. “You don’t eat enough vegetables,” his dad said. “If you don’t like eating them, you’ll probably like drinking them.” Tom nodded. It was definitely ___BETTER___ than the stewed vegetables his mum cooked almost every day.



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