ОГЭ-3150 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Martin and Jane were shopping. They were in the ___LARGEST___ shopping centre in their city. In fact, it was their favourite place because it was nice and not very expensive. The centre ___WAS_CALLED___ Dress for Less. Unlike most ___MEN___, Martin liked shopping. Today he felt really happy because he ___HAD_BOUGHT___ a shirt and a pair of jeans. Jane was still in the changing room so Martin had time for a cup of coffee in the lobby.

It was the first time Martin had had a good look at the building itself. The shopping centre building ___WAS___ impressive. The engineers had used advanced technologies to make it light, warm and spacious.

“Hi!” Martin ___HEARD___ Jane’s voice. “What are you having? Coffee? No, I ___DO_NOT_DRINK___ coffee. Never. It’s not good for your health.”

“Look, Jane, do you know the name of the architect of this building?”  Martin interrupted her. Jane looked puzzled. “I wish we ___COULD___ change our life a bit,” went on Martin. “We probably spend too much time on things like shopping and miss more important things. When was the last time we visited a museum?”

Jane quietly sat down on the chair beside ___HIM___.



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