Задания 18-26


Annie was waiting for her guests. Her birthday was on 25th December and she felt this was both lucky and unlucky. It ___BE___ great to have her birthday on a special day like Christmas. But, on the other hand, very few of Annie’s friends came to her party. Most of them had family plans for that day.  The doorbell ___RING___ and her classmate, Brian, appeared. He had a plastic bag in his hand. “Happy birthday, Annie!” Brain said and got an old oil lamp out of his bag. Annie ___NOT/CAN___ hide her surprise: “What’s this? And where did you buy it?” “A magic lamp. And I didn’t buy it. It ___FIND___ in the attic of an old country house a year ago. My friend found it when they ___REPAIR___ the house. He says if you light the lamp and make a wish, the wish ___COME___ true. It works particularly well with reasonable wishes that are not too big for the lamp. Its magic is not very strong.” Annie laughed aloud. “I’ve never got a present ___ORIGINAL___ than this. Ok, let’s test your lamp.” Annie lit it and said: “I wish the whole class would come to ___I___ party today”. As soon as she ___SAY___ it, the doorbell rang impatiently.




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