Задания 18-26


Dylan had a very old car. It was 20 years old.  But the faded paint made it look even ___OLD___ than that. It ___BE___ a shame to drive a car that looked like that and Dylan took it to a paint shop. There the car ___PAINT___ dark blue for $200.

Dylan was very pleased with the new look. The only problem was that the car stereo ___NOT/WORK___ properly. Dylan managed to fix it himself. Then one day Dylan had a new problem – petrol. He could smell it while he ___DRIVE___ his car. Dylan asked himself “Am I driving a bomb? Could the car explode at any minute?” He knew the car manual by heart. He had car problems at least once a month, and he always found a way to fix ___THEY___ himself. However, this time, it was a job for a mechanic. So he ___TAKE___ his car to the closest service station. The mechanic said they ___TEST___ the car to find out what the problem was. He told Dylan to come back in an hour. When Dylan came back, the mechanic said, «The problem is with the fuel pump. You need a new one. It costs $400.» «Let me think about it.  I ___GIVE___ you a call when I decide what to do.»  But Dylan had already decided what to do.




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