Задания 18-26


As a child, Steven lived in a village. Outside the village there was a house where a strange old woman and her granddaughter Eliza lived. The ___CHILD___ often played together. One day, Eliza ___BE___ unusually sad. When Steven was about to leave, the old woman said, “I know you are friends. But never come to our house again. Never ever!”

The girl took the boy to the gate.  “Will you miss me?” she asked. The boy said, “Yes, I will!” To his surprise, the girl said, “But I won’t! I ___NOT/WANT___ to see you anymore!” She closed the gate. The next day the girl ___LEAVE___ for the city. Steven was upset but he hoped that one day he ___SEE___ Eliza again.

Five years later Steven became a student and moved to the city. He rented a small apartment on the ___ONE___ floor.

One day, when he ___WALK___ to the university, he saw Eliza. She was sitting on the bench in the park with an ice-cream in her hand. He ran up to her and said “Hello! It’s nice to see you again!” But Eliza looked up at ___HE___, stood up and walked away. “I wish I ___KNOW___ what is going on,” Steven said to himself, and decided to start his own investigation.




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