ОГЭ-3146 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Cindy liked parks. She took long walks in the nearby park almost every day. Her classmates, however, ___DID_NOT_SHARE___ her interest and Cindy usually walked alone. Cindy’s parents worried that she ___HAD___ no friends. “I wish you ___SPENT___ more time with your classmates. Don’t you feel bored in the park?”

“It’s ok, Mum, I just feel much ___BETTER___ alone than with people who can’t understand me,” Cindy usually answered. “Parks are a lot more fun to spend time in than hanging out in a shopping centre.” And her mother didn’t know what to say.

One day, Cindy returned from the park very excited. “Guess, who I met in the park!” she said, and she told her parents the whole story.

“I ___WAS_WALKING___ along the central avenue when I saw a group of people. They ___WERE___ students of the Biology faculty of the university. They told ___ME___ about the plan to rearrange the park. A large lake is going to be made in the centre. There will be wild animals there like hares, squirrels and even ___FOXES___. Yesterday, the plan ___WAS_APPROVED___ by the City Council and work starts tomorrow.  I want to join the volunteer team!”



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