ОГЭ-3145 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


The academic term was coming to its end and Kate decided to arrange a party to celebrate the coming holidays. To be frank, there ___WAS___ one more reason for the party. Kate wanted her classmates to meet someone from her family.  She was sure it would impress ___THEM___ and would help her popularity.

Kate ___WAS_MAKING___ sandwiches in the kitchen when Hugo came in. “It looks like I’m the ___FIRST___ guest, doesn’t it?” Hugo looked embarrassed. “Sorry for coming so early.”

“Oh, it’s ok,” said Kate, “Come in! You ___WILL_HELP___ me in the kitchen, won’t you?”

“Sure,” Hugo entered the room and ___STOPPED___ in surprise. “Are you saying you made all this yourself?”

On the table there was a huge pie. It ___WAS_DECORATED___ with different fruit and looked fantastic.

“No,” Kate looked pleased with his reaction. “My cousin helped me. She ___HAS_LEFT___ for the shop. She’ll be back any minute.”

The front door opened and a girl entered. Hugo understood that he ___HAD_SEEN___ her many times in different TV programmes for teenagers. “A TV star?” Hugo sounded so silly that both girls burst out laughing.



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