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Задания 18-26


A few years ago I was on a camping holiday in Bristol. There ___BE___ lots of other girls from around the UK, but I was the only one from Scotland. The camp ___LOCATE___ in the woods, not far from the river. The camp life was even ___MORE_INTERESTING___ than I had expected. We enjoyed all kinds of camping activities – sports and games, different shows and contests. Everything was fine apart from one incident that took me aback.

Once, at lunchtime, when I ___WAS_EATING___ ice cream, one of the girls asked:

“So, do you have ice cream in Scotland?”

I ___DID_NOT_KNOW___ how to react. My neighbour repeated her question.

I nodded, “Yes.”

My answer provoked a wave of absurd questions about my country:

“Have you ever seen a ghost in your castle?”

“Do all Scottish ___MEN___ wear checked skirts?”

I ___FOUND___ out that some people believe silly stereotypes about Scotland.

They believe that Scots really carry bagpipes in ___THEIR___ bags to play the instrument on the streets, and that Scots practise magic. At last, the girls said that they ___WOULD_COME___ to Scotland one day to see it with their own eyes and to separate the truth from the myths.



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