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Задания 18-26


It was a hot summer day. Tom and his mum were heading to the beach. Tom was only wearing shorts and a pair of sandals on his ___FEET___ but he felt hot anyway. When they came to the beach, they found out that the sea ___WAS_NOT___ calm – powerful waves were breaking on the shore. Mum ___STOPPED___ in hesitation. “It’s fine. I can easily swim in these waves,” Tom wanted to demonstrate his swimming skills. But his mother said that they ___WOULD_STAY___ out of the water till the sea calmed down.  Sitting close to ___THEM___ was a boy about Tom’s age. He was alone because his parents ___HAD_LEFT___ to buy some sandwiches. He came over and said his name was Gary. His shoulders ___WERE_COVERED___ with protective suntan lotion, but they looked red anyway. “It’s getting ___HOTTER___ every minute,” said Gary. “How about a swim?”

“No way,” Tom’s mother was definitely against the idea and Tom had to obey. “As you like,” Gary said and headed to the water.

The ___THIRD___ wave hit him hard and he lost his balance. Everything was happening very fast – Gary fell down and went under the water. Fortunately, Tom and his mother were close enough to get him out in time.



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