ОГЭ-3142 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


July 17th was coming. It would be Mark’s ___THIRTEENTH___ birthday. His Mum asked him what he ___WANTED___ as a gift. Mark answered at once that his dream was to have a telescope to watch the stars. Mum ___SHOOK___ her head doubtfully. She knew that Mark enjoyed learning about space but a telescope was a ___MORE_EXPENSIVE___ present than they had planned.

After dinner the parents had a discussion about the present.

“I think we should give Mark the telescope,” Dad said.

“But we ___HAVE_SPENT___ all our savings already,” Mum responded.

“We bought some new furniture and paid for our holidays. I wish we ___COULD___ buy him this present but we really can’t.”

“I think, we can,” Dad smiled. “Look, I’ve got an old friend, Nick, whose father was interested in astronomy. His father died many years ago, and Nick keeps all his things in the attic. I think he ___WILL_AGREE___ to sell us his telescope at half price.”

Nick ___WAS_PLANTING___ roses in the garden when Mum and Dad arrived at his house.

“Yes, sure,” he said. “There are lots of ___BOXES___ in the attic. You can take whatever you want for Mark for free. I’m glad he’s taking up my father’s hobby.”



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