Задания 18-26


Tim liked going to the zoo. One day his mother said:

“We’re going to a different place today, Tim. It’s an animal shelter. I’m sure you ___LIKE___ it.”

The place was much ___SMALL___ than a zoo, but clean and well kept. There were volunteers in special uniforms. One of them showed Tim and his mum round the shelter. Lots of animals ___KEEP___ there. Cats and dogs made up most of the population, but there were also horses, monkeys, ___FOX___ and other animals. Each of the animals had its own story written on a sign next to its cage or enclosure. All the stories were sad – the animals had either been abandoned by ___THEY___ owners or saved by the animal police from cruel treatment.

‘If people ___BE___ more responsible for their pets, we wouldn’t have so much work here,” the volunteer remarked.

“But unfortunately some people ___NOT/UNDERSTAND___ that animals are not toys.”

Tim’s mother thanked the volunteer and ___MAKE___ a donation. Shelters always needed money to pay for the animals’ food and medical care. On the way home Tim told his mother that he ___WANT___ to go to the shelter again, not only to watch but also to help the volunteers.




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