ОГЭ-3139 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


When I was at school, I spent two summers at my grandfather’s. They were the ___BEST___ holidays I’ve ever had. Grandpa lived alone in a country cottage near a small river. Grandpa’s hobby was making birdhouses. He always said that he ___NEEDED___ a hobby to fill his free time. Grandpa’s workshop was full of all kinds of tools. There ___WAS___ a big table, hammers, nails, paints, and what not. And all the tools ___WERE_KEPT___ carefully in their places. That was Grandpa’s number one rule. The ___SECOND___ rule was, “Never buy a new tool if the old one still works.” In the workshop, when he ___WAS_MAKING___ the birdhouses, I asked him lots of questions about birds. He ___KNEW___ a lot about them!  He could tell one bird from another by their songs and footprints. I was surprised that Grandpa ___DID_NOT_PAINT___ the birdhouses in bright colours. He explained to ___ME___ that birds prefer natural colours that make their houses more difficult to notice and, for that reason, safer.



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