Задания 18-26


Veronica loved autumn. It was her favourite season. There were many good things about it. She loved the smells, the changing ___LEAF___, and the cool breezes. There ___BE___ also apple pies, apple doughnuts and pumpkin pies. For Veronica, pumpkin pies were the ___GOOD___, especially when her mother cooked them. Veronica had never tried to make a pie ___SHE___, but she knew how, as she had seen how her mother made it many times. One day, on her way from school, Veronica ___BUY___ a pumpkin and decided to cook it. She tried to do everything the same way her mother usually did. Veronica was in the kitchen and ___NOT/HEAR___ the doorbell. Her mother had to use her key to enter the house. “Who ___MAKE___ a pie?” her mother asked. “I can smell it. How soon is it going to be ready? I’m very hungry.” When the pie was ready, Veronica put it on the table. The pie looked nice: it ___DECORATE___ with nuts and coloured sugar. Veronica’s mother had a large piece. She smiled and said that she ___LIKE___ it very much.




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