Задания 18-26


It was the middle of November and Tina felt down and depressed. Late autumn was the ___BAD___ season of the year.

It often ___RAIN___, and Tina had to spend most of her time indoors. Because of this, she really welcomed the changes in her school routine. The school administration introduced a new class — a dance class. But not everyone was happy! The boys said that it ___BE___ a waste of time. They often missed the class and, when they attended, they ___NOT/LISTEN___ to the teacher’s instructions but tried to make fun of everything. “I wish we ___HAVE___ a class for girls only,” Tina thought. The Junior Dance Competition ___HOLD___ in their town every year. It was a spectacular show. “Your dancing ___IMPROVE___ every day,” the teacher said one day. “If you go on like this, you ___HAVE___ a chance to take part in the Dance Competition next month.” Tina imagined herself wearing a beautiful dress and elegant shoes on her ___FOOT___. She decided it was something she’d like to try.




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