Задания 18-26


Kathy looked at her new room’s white walls.

“They’re so plain.”

“Don’t worry,” Dad said, “If you don’t like them, we ___MAKE___ the walls any colour you like.”

“Do you want pink?” Mum suggested. Kathy ___SHAKE___ her head.

“No, pink is either for ___BABY___ or for silly girls who like Barbie dolls. I’m neither of those.”

Her parents smiled but ___NOT/SAY___ anything.

“But what colour to choose?  I wish we ___CAN___ ask a designer for professional advice,” said Kathy.

“Oh, no! It’s out of the question!” said Kathy’s mother, firmly. A designer’s advice is much ___EXPENSIVE___ than we can afford.”

“Ok. It was just an idea.”

“Getting back to the wall colour, why not make your room yellow or orange?” Dad suggested. “When the walls ___PAINT___ in those colours, the room will look cheerful.”

“Yes!” Kathy definitely liked the idea. “We’ll make three walls yellow, but the ___FOUR___ one will be orange.”

The next day, when Kathy came back from school, her Dad said: “Look what I ___BUY___.” There were paints and brushes on the floor.

“Everything’s ready for us to start.” He smiled and handed Kathy the brush.




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