ОГЭ-3135 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Judy was afraid of the dark. At night she always ___LEFT___ the lights on.  Judy couldn’t explain what exactly she was afraid of. She ___DID_NOT_BELIEVE___ in monsters or in ghosts. She was one of those rare girls who never screamed when she saw spiders, ___MICE___ and frogs. But everyone in her family knew that a dark room was the ___WORST___ of her fears. One day, when Judy ___WAS_DRAWING___ something in her room, her mother came in holding a big shopping bag. “Guess what I___HAVE_BOUGHT___,” she said to Judy.  “I have no idea. Is it for ___ME___?” Judy felt very curious about the bag. Her mother pulled two packages from her shopping bag. In the first package there were some very nice slippers. They ___WERE_MADE___ from soft, pink fabric and had bright flashing lights. Inside the second package were glow-in-the-dark pyjamas! Judy said she ___WANTED___ to try them on immediately. Amazingly, she felt safe all through the night. In a few days the lights stopped flashing but Judy realised she didn’t feel afraid of the dark any more.



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