Задания 18-26


Harry’s class was going on an excursion to the firehouse. Harry ___FEEL___ proud because his Uncle Jim, a fireman, was going to show the children around the place. Naturally, the first thing Harry’s classmates wanted to see was the huge fire truck. There ___BE___ eight vehicles at the firehouse at that moment. Uncle Jim explained how the trucks got water and even let the kids get inside the truck.

“Have you ever fought a fire ___YOU___?” a red-haired boy asked.

“Yes, many times, unfortunately,” Uncle Jim answered. “I wish people ___BEHAVE___ more responsibly when they used electrical devices at home or had picnics outdoors.  But they often ___NOT/THINK___ anything can happen to them. Please remember that you ___NOT/MUST___ make fires in the woods. There is dry grass and dry ___LEAF___ on the ground.  They start to burn very easily. And there is nothing ___DANGEROUS___ than forest fires!”

The children promised not to make any fires in the woods and Uncle Jim went on with the tour. He ___SHOW___ them the fire alarm equipment, when a siren started wailing…




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