Задания 18-26


School was finally over and I was about to enjoy my holidays. I was going to stay with my Aunt Helen, who lived in California. I thought that visiting ___SHE___ would be great fun, but I felt nervous and scared. When my mum ___DRIVE___ me to the airport, she noticed that something was wrong with me. “Are you all right?’ she asked. “You’re afraid of flying, aren’t you?”

“I ___NOT/WANT___ you to notice. Yes, I’m a bit scared. Sorry.” “There ___BE___ nothing to be sorry about! It’s natural to feel nervous before your first flight. I wish I ___CAN___ go with you, but you know that I can’t.” It was true. My mum was the ___BUSY___ woman in the world. “I’m fine, Mum. Don’t worry.” I tried to sound calm. “I ___CALL___ you as soon as we land.” The plane ___TAKE___ off smoothly. The pilot informed the passengers about the details of the flight. Then we ___OFFER___ refreshing drinks.  I had some orange juice and closed my eyes.




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