ОГЭ-3132 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


I come from England but now I live permanently in Québec, Canada. When my parents ___BROUGHT___ me to Canada, I was fifteen. It was the winter and I ___WAS_IMPRESSED___ by the amount of snow there. I asked my new friends what they usually ___DID___ for entertainment in such a cold climate. Their answer was simple, “In winter ___CHILDREN___ and adults go skiing and skating.”

Before arriving in Canada I had never tried skating and my Canadian ice experience was really painful. To start with, it took ___ME___ half an hour to put on the skates. I ___DID_NOT_KNOW___ how to move so my new friends showed me some basic techniques. However, when I was left alone on the ice, I ___FELL___ over immediately. When I opened my eyes, my new friends were standing around. They weren’t laughing, they looked worried. “Are you OK?” they asked.

“Fine,” I said, “I wish I ___COULD___ skate as easily as you do.”  “You definitely will,” they smiled. And they were right. By the end of my ___FIRST___ winter in Canada, I felt confident on the ice. More than that, I found out that skating was a really exciting activity!



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