Q3130 — Answers


Задания 18-26


By today’s standards, my mobile phone is pretty basic. It’s a Nokia. It’s a small device that receives telephone calls and sends text messages. Other than that, my phone ___DOES_NOT_DO___ much. Most of my friends wish they ___HAD___ smartphones because they are cool and trendy. They say the ___BEST___ thing about a smartphone is that you ‘can do everything with it!’ That’s right, smartphones have many more functions than a simple phone, however, not all of them are needed. In everyday life, smartphones ___ARE_USED___ mainly for checking social networking sites, replying to emails, and playing games. Grown-ups as well as ___CHILDREN___ like playing games. Anyway, I prefer my good old Nokia. It’s my ___FIRST___ mobile phone. When I bought it, it didn’t cost ___ME___ very much. And I am not afraid anyone will ever steal it.  It’s also very reliable. Yesterday I dropped it. It ___FLEW___ down the staircase and hit the wall. I thought that ___WAS___ the end of it and I would have to buy a new one. But nothing of the kind – it still works properly!



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