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Задания 18-26


The phone rang in Clark Taylor’s house at nearly three in the morning. He answered it only after the ___FIFTH___ ring.

“Hello,” Clark said in a sleepy voice.

“Mr. Taylor. Thank goodness. I need your help.”

Clark definitely ___KNEW___ the voice. However, he was sleepy and ___COULD_NOT___  remember who it was.

“Mr. Taylor!” the man said. “I am in trouble. The police allowed me only one phone call. And I am calling you.”

Then, the fog cleared. Although nearly ten years had passed since ___THEIR___ last meeting, Clark was able to recognise the voice. It belonged to Martin Hall, one of the ___BRIGHTEST___ math students he had ever had.

“Martin, what’s happened? Where are you? ” Clark asked.

“In the police station. I ___WAS_ARRESTED___ at the railway station two hours ago. I was going to a conference. The police mistook me for another person. The irony is that I really do look like the criminal that they are looking for. Besides that, I ___HAVE_LOST___ my ID card and I can’t prove who I am. You are the only person in this town who knows me. Can you help me?” Martin Hall asked.

“If you give me the address, I ___WILL_COME___ at once,” Clark said, jumping up of the bed. It was not difficult for him to prove that Martin Hall was his former student. Clark brought a scientific journal with Martin’s article and a photo of him. The ___POLICEMEN___ were surprised to find out that their prisoner was a capable young scientist.



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