Задания 18-26


It was an early morning. Ben jumped out of his bed as soon as the ___ONE___ rays of sun came into the room. He grabbed his backpack and started to pack. Ben put in some of his favourite things to take with ___HE___ on the trip to Grandpa’s. He put in his favourite book, his kite and his teddy bear. Soon everything ___PACK___ and he started to get dressed. Visiting Grandpa had always been the ___GOOD___ part of his summer vacation. Together, they went fishing and watched football matches. Ben’s granddad ___TEACH___ him how to repair bikes and other things. Ben’s mum entered his room.

“Grandpa’s here,” she said with a smile. Ben told her that he ___BE___ ready to go. He grabbed his backpack and ran into the kitchen where Grandpa ___DRINK___ his tea.

“Ready, big guy?” asked Grandpa. “Will you have breakfast before we leave?”

“No, I ___NOT/BE___ hungry”, Ben answered, “I’ll have breakfast at your place. Grandma ___COOK___ something nice for me, hasn’t she?”




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