Задания 18-26


Jane liked going to the park with her mum. One day when they were there, she said, “There is so much rubbish on the ground.” They looked around. There were old ___BOX___, waste paper and cans on the ground. Several benches ___BREAK___. “You are right,” her mum said. “I wish people ___CARE___ about the environment more.” “I do care about it but I ___NOT/KNOW___ what I can do to help the park,” said Jane. Jane and her mum went home. In the evening she painted a picture of the park. At the top of the picture she ___WRITE___ “PLEASE KEEP ME CLEAN”. The next day Jane and her mum went to the park ___EARLY___ than usual. Jane taped her picture onto a big rubbish bin and started picking up rubbish. Some children ran over to see what was going on. They decided to help Jane. Soon all the rubbish was in the bags. “Good job,” Jane said, “We ___CLEAN___ half of the park. If we come and complete the other part tomorrow, the whole park ___BE___ clean and tidy. I hope people won’t throw ___THEY___ rubbish here any more.”




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