Задания 18-26


Tracey was very unhappy and scared. She was starting a new school.

“I ___NOT/WANT___ to go to school today,” Tracey told her father.

“I understand, Tracey,” he said. “Starting a new school can be very difficult. But you have to.”

A month before ___THEY___ family had moved to a new town and everything was still new and strange for Tracey. Dad smoothed Tracey’s hair down and ___GIVE___ her a little hug,

“When your classes ___BE___ over, I’ll pick you up, ok?”

When Tracey got to school and looked at the big building, she thought, “I wish I ___CAN___ run away,” but she knew it was impossible. She took a deep breath and walked up the steps to school. She went straight into her ___FIVE___ grade classroom.

“That must be Tracey,” “Hello, Tracey!”, “Welcome, Tracey!” the ___CHILD___ in the room welcomed her.

Everyone seemed friendly and Tracey felt a little ___GOOD___.

The father picked her up after school.

“How was your day?” he asked. To his surprise Tracey answered that she ___LIKE___ her new school.

“You are a brave girl,” her father said. “I’m proud of you.”




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