Задания 18-26


Martin was in a hurry as he had to be in the office as soon as possible. His boss ___NOT/LIKE___ it when anyone missed the morning meetings and Martin had already been late several times that week. His boss had warned him: “If you are late again, you ___LOSE___ your job.” Martin was afraid of losing his job. His colleagues were nice to him, the salary was good and he sometimes ___GO___ on business trips abroad. It was actually the ___GOOD___ job he had ever had. He ran out of the house, jumped into his car and backed up without looking. BOOM! There ___BE___ a sound like someone hitting a drum. Martin had hit the car behind him.

“Oh, no!” Martin exclaimed.

Martin glanced at his watch. It was 7:18. He looked around. There were no ___POLICEMAN___ on the street and he decided to drive off quickly.  It took ___HE___ 20 minutes to get to work. The boss was not around. “Thank goodness,” Martin said to himself and sat down at his desk to work. The boss arrived an hour later.

“Somebody hit my car and left without leaving a note,” he said angrily. “I wish I ___KNOW___ who he was. My car was absolutely new! It ___BUY___ only a week ago.”

Martin went up to the window, saw the car and understood that he would lose his job anyway.




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