ОГЭ-3123 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


It was a cold January day in York, Pennsylvania. Dr. James turned on the television to check on the weather. The weatherman said that it was going to stay cold for several days. According to him, the roads ___WERE___ very dangerous because of the snow and ice and he strongly recommended staying at home if at all possible.

Dr. James ___COULD_NOT___ stay at home. He worked in a hospital and there were patients waiting for him there.

He put on a sweater, jacket, gloves, boots and a hat, and opened his front door. Everything ___WAS_COVERED___ with snow. A cold wind blew inside.

“Wow,” Dr. James said. “The weatherman was right! I wish I ___HAD___ a reindeer instead of my old car.”

When Dr. James ___WAS_DRIVING___ slowly to work, he saw an accident.

He stopped and ___RAN___ to the damaged car.

There was a man and two ___CHILDREN___ inside.

“Is everyone okay?” Dr. James asked.

“Yes, yes, we are fine,” answered the man.

“I ___HAVE_CALLED___ 911 already.

They are coming to help ___US___. It looks like we won’t get to school today.”



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