ОГЭ-3122 -Answers


Задания 18-26


After school, I decided to go to university. I ___CHOSE___ St Andrews University in Scotland. At that time I ___HAD_NOT_KNOWN___ much about the University but when I arrived there, I liked it at once. Now I’m in my last year and I wish I ___COULD___ stay here forever! St Andrews University is a truly special place. It ___WAS_BUILT___ 600 years ago and it is one of the oldest universities in the English-speaking world. It has many traditions – for example, the ‘May Dip’. It is held on the ___FIRST___ of May every year. All the students run into the North Sea at sunrise to celebrate the coming of spring and for good luck! One of my classmates said that the tradition ___HAD_HELPED___ him to pass his exams last summer. For me the ‘May Dip’ was the ___COLDEST___ experience of my life! Because the weather is famously cold, St Andrews students designed ___THEIR___ own uniform which consists of a warm jacket, jeans and boat shoes. The uniform ___MAKES___ us all look the same, but it is the only way to keep warm!



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