Задания 18-26


Dad usually comes up with original ideas. Last Sunday Dad ___DECIDE___ that we should all go on a camping trip. The idea came to him while he ___READ___ an article about camping. The article said that camping brings families together.

“Not true”, I smiled. “What about television? It usually ___HELP___ families to feel a lot more united.”

“If the weather is fine, we ___GO___ on a trip next weekend,” Dad said and put his magazine on the coffee table.

I quickly looked over at my ___YOUNG___ brother, Paul. He gave me a knowing smile, “Do you remember ___WE___ last trip?” I certainly did. Last summer Dad told us that fishing would be a great family activity. We bought four expensive fishing rods and drove for three long hours to a big lake in Virginia. When we got there, we discovered that we ___FORGET___ to take the fishing rods. Ten minutes later we made another unpleasant discovery: we ___NOT/HAVE___ the tent which meant we couldn’t stay overnight and we had to drive all the way back home again. We ___BE___ tired and disappointed with the trip.




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