ОГЭ-3119 — Ответы


Задания 18-26


Most adults miss their childhood. “Your school years are the ___BEST___ years of your life,” – have you ever heard that phrase?  Just recently, while I was on my way to work, I started thinking back to my own school years. They probably were not trouble-free but there ___WERE___ many reasons for us to feel happy at school. One of them was spending every single day with friends. We ___DID_NOT_GET_______________ tired of being together.  The ___SECOND___ one was uniform. Yes, in my opinion, the school uniform had more advantages than disadvantages. ___MINE___ was dark green. It was unfashionable but comfortable. It ___WAS_MADE___ of natural materials. Besides, the uniform saved a lot of time in the mornings.  Now it ___TAKES___ me hours to decide what to wear. Another thing is that I don’t really like sport. But at school we ___PLAYED___ football, netball, hockey and so on. Sport was compulsory. Now I realise that this was a good thing! And of course there were… holidays! Christmas, Easter, half-term, and the jackpot – the summer holidays. I wish I ___HAD___ as much free time now.



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