Задания 18-26


Dana Miller was a bus driver in the city of Philadelphia. Her working hours ___BE___ from 10.00 pm till 6:00 am. It was a hard job and very few ___WOMAN___ worked as bus drivers in those days but Dana loved her job very much. One of her regular passengers was a guitar player. Every Friday night he got on the bus carrying his guitar. The guitar ___MAKE___ of wood, not plastic and Dana liked the way it sounded.

“You should come to see our show,” the guitarist kept saying to Dana.

“I ___SEE___ it one day,” Dana promised each time, but she never said when exactly she ___GO___.

Another passenger who often used Dana’s bus was a Biscuit Lady. She worked at the biscuit factory and often ___GIVE___ Dana a small bag of biscuits. Dana ___NOT/LIKE___ sweets and pastries very much, but she could never resist those biscuits – they were so fresh and tasty.

“How was ___YOU___ night?” Dana’s husband liked to ask her when she came home.

“Good music, good food and a great view of the city,” she cheerfully answered.

“I wish I ___ENJOY___ my work as much as you enjoy yours,” her husband said, “ but I’m going to have just another boring day at the office.”




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