Задания 18-26


Mr. and Mrs. Wormwood were our neighbours. They had two ___CHILD___. Their son Michael ___NOT/DIFFER___ from the other children very much, but their daughter Matilda was a brilliant child.

By the time she was five, Matilda was able to read very well. She studied every magazine and newspaper that she ___CAN___ find around the house. Actually, she read ___WELL___ than most school pupils. One afternoon when the parents were out of the house, Matilda put on ___SHE___ dress and shoes and went to the library. The librarian was surprised to see such a small child.

«Are you here for the ___ONE___ time? Would you like me to find a nice book with lots of pictures for you?» she asked.

«No, thank you, I ___FIND___ what I need,» answered Matilda and pointed to a thick book of fairy tales. Then she added, “I ___COME___ for a new book as soon as I finish this one”.

The librarian was really shocked when she saw Matilda only two days later.

“I wish all children ___LIKE___ reading so much,” the librarian said. From that day on Matilda went to the library every afternoon.




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