Задания 18-26


Stonehenge is an ancient monument in south-west England. For me, it’s the ___INTERESTING___ place I’ve ever visited. I clearly remember my ___ONE___ visit to Stonehenge with my aunt and uncle. They lived nearby and I often ___GO___ to stay with them in my summer holidays. On the day of ___WE___ trip the weather was fine. There ___BE___ a cool wind blowing, the sun was bright in the sky and Stonehenge looked calm and magical. In those days it was possible to walk among the stones and even touch them. It’s very different now. Stonehenge ___BECOME___ more crowded than it was. As a result, now people ___ALLOW___ to walk around the monument but they can’t come up very close to it. Today I wish I ___HAVE___ an opportunity to get inside the circle again but unfortunately it is not possible any more. The Stonehenge mystery is still unexplained but I believe scientists ___SOLVE___ it in the near future.




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