Задания 18-26


Kate called me early in the morning. It was the ___TWO___ day of holidays; I felt angry with her for waking me up.

“What ___HAPPEN___?” I didn’t sound very polite, but she paid no attention to that.

“Oh, nothing! I want to go shopping today and wondered if you wanted to go with ___I___.”

“No, I don’t want to.”

“But it ___NOT/TAKE___ you long! I promise.”

My first impulse was to say “no”-unlike most ___WOMAN___ I hated shopping. But Kate sounded so unhappy that I felt sorry for her.

“Ok, what do you need to buy?”

Kate’s voice ___BECOME___ cheerful again. She excitedly explained to me that she ___WANT___ to buy a pair of hiking boots and a raincoat. That ___BE___ strange as Kate had never been fond of hiking.

“I want to take up hiking as a new hobby,” went on Kate. “Bob Smith says that it’s very exciting.”

Now I knew what was going on. Bob Smith, the captain of the school baseball team, was the ___POPULAR___ boy in our school. All the girls wanted to attract his attention.




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