ОГЭ-3113 — Answers


Задания 18-26


Emma lived in a big city and worked for a large company. Her days were usually very busy – she ___COULD___ hardly find half an hour for lunch.  However, at weekends she ___FELT___ bored and lonely. Emma had moved to the city because of her job. Only two months before she had thought she was the ___LUCKIEST___ girl in the world. She had got a job most of her friends could only dream about. It was her ___FIRST___ full-time job. The company ___WAS_CALLED___ ‘Imagination’. They focused on Internet technologies. Emma ___DID_NOT_KNOW___ much about the Internet but her boss said that it didn’t matter. He also said that she ___WAS___ creative and had imagination and that was why she had a good chance of succeeding in the job. When Emma told her friend, Lucy Pitt, about the new job, Lucy said:

“I’m very happy that you ___HAVE_FOUND___ a good job. But I also feel very sad about it because you’ll go to the city and will forget about your friends.”

“I wish we could always be together but it’s impossible,” Emma said. “I promise that I ___WILL_COME___ to visit you as soon as I can.”



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