Задания 18-26


Linda was looking forward to her holidays. First of all, she ___FEEL___ really tired from school and wanted to have a break. The __TWO___ reason was that they were going to take a trip to the mountains. Linda enjoyed it very much when they went somewhere all together as a family. They ___NOT/DO___ it very often since her parents were very busy people. Linda ___NOT/CAN___ ski but the prospect didn’t scare her. She learnt everything very quickly, especially when her father taught ___SHE___. He was the ___GOOD___ teacher in the world!

“I ___BUY___ special sunglasses for skiing,” Linda boasted to her father. “Have a look! Nice, aren’t they?”

“They are,” he gave Linda a quick look and turned back to his computer. He ___PREPARE___ a presentation or something else very important. Linda could see diagrams on the screen. They ___DRAW___ in different colours which made them look complicated.




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